Little Moments

muslim ladyLittle moments add up to make big differences. Little differences cause different moments. Walking around after doing some shopping, that thought played in my head. Time often feels monotonous. I often feel like I’m not that unique. But there’s often so much more to each little moment and to each little personal difference when you consider its intricacies beyond the instance. It’s these little intricacies that change you and change the environment’s reaction to you. I was shopping at Poundland…where everything is 1 pound…and this older woman walked up to me whilst I was browsing. She stopped me and asked, “Can you get something off the top shelf for me please? I can’t reach it.” I agreed and she pointed to what she wanted. I took it down for her and handed it to her. She said thanks, and we parted ways. I guess it’s a bit weird, but that instance led me to wondering about my height… how different would my life be if I were shorter? Would different people have spoken to me? Would I have had a large enough collection of different little moments so that I’d be a noticeably different person in my outlook today? How many different questions would I have been asked? How many different people might I have met? How many different lives might I have been a part of… cameos, mentions, smiles? The thought ended though, because I don’t know where I can go with it. I only know what it’s like being as I am. I can only see the result of being as I was; and even knowing what it’s like being as I am, I’m not fully aware of how being as I am shaped me in different ways to someone else. Still though, I can imagine. It’s interesting to wonder, and it’s beautiful to appreciate the difference a difference might make.

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