elphineI’m back in Cambridge for my PhD. I figure that I’ll continue telling stories here about little experiences I’ve had. This is one of them. Today, whilst walking back home, I spotted this girl drawing. It made me smile seeing her… she reminded me of myself. I walked past her, and peeked at her sketch book whilst doing so. Something inside me said, “Go tell her ‘Hi!'”… but something else inside me said “Don’t tell her ‘Hi’!’, because that will be weird.” The ‘say Hi’ voice in my head won out, and I turned around and walked back to her. I said ‘Hi!’, and she smiled and said ‘Hi!’. I told her that I noticed her drawing and that I’m an artist too…. but that I tend to take pictures and then draw at home. I told her how wonderful it was to see her out there doing the drawings live. She said that she was a bit nervous doing it, and that she wasn’t accustomed to it, but that it’s been going well. We spoke a little bit more, and then I said “Have a good day Elphie!” I paused a bit and then asked, “Elphie is your name right?”. A surprised look had crept across her face and she replied ‘Yes! it is. I was wondering how you knew my name.” We then smiled a bit as she looked across at a name tag she was wearing that also had a little drawing on it. I said, “Yeah, I saw the name tag” We both laughed, and she wished me a good day as well.

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