On Relationships: 1st half-Oct 2013

IMG_1304Two years ago I started my ‘Happenings’ album. It was to be my diary of sorts; my catalogue of moments and experiences I had during my first time away from the Caribbean. I wrote stories of experiences that delighted me, conversations that bothered me, sights that confused me… and I shared it all because, well, because that’s just something I do. I won’t explore the underlying, deeper reasons why I might have. Either way, I shared my experience…. but not all of it. I kept a substantial piece of that story within me- not because part of me didn’t want others to know, but because part of me didn’t. I’ve allowed glimpses into that story each February for the past 2 years, nearing Valentine’s Day, and also through various drawings I’ve posted without deep explanation on Facebook. It’s not easy for me to open up on deeper feelings regarding love and attraction… though I can talk at length about how depressed I might be. A few months ago, I decided that perhaps I’ll tell it a bit more, tell it a bit less abstractly, but not all of it. Perhaps, I’d tell it a bit more according to the timeline during which it unfolded… a post in early October 2015 describing how I felt in early October 2013… and so forth. This is the first such post, and attached is the sketch I had drawn to accompany it a few months ago. I met a number of people when I first got to Cambridge in 2013; a number of whom are still in my life today, but when I first met them then, I had no idea of the friendships and relationships that would grow out of it. I had no idea of the journey I was embarking on, and to this day, some of those past journeys are still unfolding in beguiling explication. I assume that even with two years having unfolded, and even when 2 more go by again, I’ll still have more to unpack using matured hindsight. Life is rich like that; 1 million and 1 ways to look at the same moment. Still though, in that moment, there is perhaps only one way in which it is viewed… and back then, my perspective of that moment was ‘these are the people I’ll be working professionally with’. I had messaged my supervisor, John, to let him know that I was in Cambridge and to find out when we could meet. He told me when I could come in to the office, and so I came in and said Hi. He made me feel comfortable, everyone did. They smiled and said Hellos. To be honest though, I barely gave a thought to anyone else, and forgot almost everyone in the office shortly after meeting them. The only people I remembered meeting from the research group was John (my supervisor) and Bartosz (‘the computer guy’)… and I remembered Bartosz because he was just so ‘different’. However, I’d meet everyone else again in time, and they’d grow to make big impressions on me during my stay in the UK.

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