There are tears in my eyes right now…. and I do find it a bit pitiful that I feel like crying, but I do. My parents are back home in Trinidad and Tobago. They arrived there last night, and although I have been away from them since Friday last when I came back to Cambridge and they stayed back in Luton, I’ve only now begun to feel like they’re really gone.
I’ve never been away from home (Trinidad and Tobago) without one of them being around, and so as much of a ‘big girl’ or ‘young woman’ as I am, I feel a certain sense of vulnerability at the thought that they’re now so far away.
There are great people here though. I’m beginning to make friends (well, I hope so) and I have a wonderful ‘aunty’ and ‘uncle’ back at Luton. I met my supervisor today, and he seems really nice as well. I guess that I’ll just have to let my feelings run their course….

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