I decided to try out the panorama option on my mobile. This is the result. I took a little walk this afternoon, went some places I never went before and snapped a tonne of pictures. I’m really tired now though and my back and shoulder ache a bit. I walked for too long with my camera (the big one, and accessories) in my bag over my shoulder. During that walk I decided to head across to Sainsbury’s for some food, olive oil, bread and water and so I ended up with even more load. Many people here ride bicycles to and fro…I don’t. I forgot how to ride a bike (don’t laugh at me or else you’ll have to imagine me giving you a stern look of disapproval). I recently retrained myself to ride though, but I’m not that good and I don’t trust myself on wheels. So, I had to trek all the way back to my residence on foot and it felt like a long time. I made it though!
Interestingly enough, this has been the second time that I’ve been outside and actually felt warm/hot and had to take my cardigan at least partially off. I guess that my body is adjusting to the temperature…on my first day here I couldn’t even hold my hand still enough to write properly.


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