Drinking from the horn


I remembered that I’m an artist, actually, I was reminded yesterday…strangely enough by my supervisor. So, I did a rough colour sketch today of what happened at matriculation dinner. We apparently weren’t supposed to take photos, but no-one said that we couldn’t illustrate. The black girl is supposed to be me.  The people on my side had to face away from me while I drank. The girl bowed toward me before handing me the cup and then faced away. I had to bow toward the guy before handing him the cup. There were a couple other bows, but I messed up and had to be corrected.
The girl on my right is a post-doctoral fellow. She’s from Greece and is studying some interesting biological thing with algae I think. She finished her Phd about a year ago. The guy to the left just began his PhD in Physics. He’s from Germany.
I’m still trying to figure out how the system works here. We apparently have to register for classes and choose the classes we want to go to (apart from some compulsory ones) based on our research interests. So, work load is kinda shaped by how much you want to, and think that you should, handle.

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