My Teachers from secondary school to University


These are 4 of the 6 acrylic on canvas board paintings I’ve done, since secondary school, of teachers who’ve made a big impact on my life (There are two other teachers, but I haven’t yet re-found my pictures of the paintings). I have tended to feel rather guilty about posting these paintings, and so I have, in the past, waited quite long before ever showing them on Facebook; because it feels like ‘showing off’, and I don’t want to be seen as though I’ve only painted for the sake of showing off. I feel doubly guilty now because I actually do have to ‘show off’ rather consistently these days to attract jobs, so I feel less innocent in sharing art. Either way, the first one (Mrs. Benjamin) was done and given when I was a teenager, then there was Prof. Chadee and David. The latest (John) is from this year. I’m always disappointed with the quality of the paintings I do on canvas…. they’re never as polished as my digital paintings, which sucks because they’re usually the most personal; they’re often the work that I want to reflect my very best since they’re usually gifts to say ‘thank you!’. But the gradients are never as smooth as I can get them when painting on a computer, and it’s overall never as perfect as I’d want it to be. However, because I often pour the most into them, they’re the most meaningful to me… and well, I guess, as a bonus, I think that I’ve certainly improved, ability-wise, using an actual paintbrush, across time.
Related video, about my paintings, here:

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