One of my most recent pieces for my fundraising. 

I really liked how this illustration turned out, and I enjoyed painting her hair. ^_^ Not a day goes by that I don’t worry about earning enough money to fund myself whilst doing the PhD here in the UK. Around the end of November, I’d really like to get good jobs to do for the Christmas season when I’m on break (please feel free to ask me to do work then, or to tell anyone who needs an illustration done to contact me then).
I spend my time worrying about PhD work, worrying about money, and pretending that I’m not worried about any of the above… but I am, a lot. I often read of people being praised for not putting out a false image of ‘security and awesome’ on social media. They’re praised because since we so often broadcast a face of calm, when we actually are not, it then becomes really admirable when people are truthful and bare the anxious, confusing, abstruse, scared, worried piece of their mind for the world to see. Still though, as admirable as it might be to show the world our vulnerability, there is a sense of happiness that’s gained from showing ‘lovely’, and receiving lovely feedback in return…perhaps with feedback from out peers about how beautiful our life appears to be, we can gradually fool ourselves into believing the ‘reality’ of the lovely face we broadcast, despite the anxiety within.

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