So I created a blog…


Several people have encouraged me in this direction and I’ve finally given in and created a blog ( ). It’s on WordPress, it’s very simple, and I’ve posted my past experiences there and will be posting future ones as well. I was previously hesitant on two grounds:

  1. I really don’t think that my experiences, and myself, are interesting enough to get any significant web attention…or to sustain a blog over time.
  1. Somewhere in my mind I associate ‘blog’ with ‘baby’- an organism which screams ‘hold me, wipe my backside and let me suck you dry!’ and takes quite a while to mature into a being which genuinely gives love…supposing that it doesn’t die first. (Babies are awesome btw… I’m really not nearly as harsh as that last line suggests). In other words, I associate ‘blog’ with ‘responsibility, commitment and need for intrinsic motivation to care’, and I think that I am in some ways trying to avoid all of those. Certainly though, responsibility can be joyous if it’s a responsibility that you want or grow to love.

Nevertheless, blog is there and blog is online. Hopefully those of you who encouraged me to start it would back me up…at least for 1 week. We can then observe whether it grows wings, or if it sinks like the Titanic.

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