…and here, instead of Orientation Week they have Fresher’s Fair. The top is Cambridge University, the bottom is UWI. At Fresher’s Fair you can sign up for a bunch of societies/groups. They take your e-mail address and then send you messages inviting you to a ‘squash’. Squash has nothing to do with the game, or the vegetable…it actually has to do with squashing stuff, apparently into juice. Now, you don’t actually squash fruits at ‘squashes’, but apparently the term derived because people drank squashes at these ‘first meetings’/squashes. Squash, the drink, is a kinda juice thing.
You get free things at Fresher’s fair here too….and the ever present RedBull was also there. I think that they’ve identified University students as a solid market and they’re holding on tightly…apparently all around the world.

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