Another Quick Sketch


Here is another quick sketch. The girl in the red cardigan is supposed to be me. I figure that this is probably how I might look sometimes when walking by on my way to the department or library…
I have a lot of readings to complete, and I was going to start (visited two libraries-borrowed two different books), but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to draw something. I’ve been putting it off for probably a week now, and I figured that when I drew this was probably the time to get that ‘feeling’ out of my system. 
Before I came to the UK though I was hoping that the first thing I drew or painted would be awesome… like maybe my most perfect piece yet…hasn’t happened. I’ve only done sketchy stuff. I guess it’s because it’s been a bit difficult to spend hours upon hours on a piece. Maybe as time passes and I settle in more I can manage my time better… not sure if that will happen. I’m kinda in a state atm; became rather frustrated yesterday actually. There is so much freedom to do and explore here, and my mind has been darting in so many different directions that I’m a bit overwhelmed and uncertain…I guess though that that’s the best kind of frustration to have.

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