Meeting people again–intentionally and randomly

tom sidney

The last time I saw Sidney was back in August, in Chaguanas, Trinidad, at Marios. He was in Trini to do his research on developing more affordable housing for the Caribbean. Now I’ve met him up in Cambridge, England— and instead of Marios, we had Dominoes– free Dominoes 🙂

Always great to lime with Caribbean folks doing great things locally and abroad. Sidney’s studying at Cam to become an engineer. I wanted a picture taken with him, and so we took one inside, but he’d suggested that outside would be a better place for a picture. After walking outside, a guy walked up to Sidney and I to hand out some giveaways. The guy had red hair and a hat shaped like deer antlers. Almost immediately I recognized that it was the same guy I had walked past on the street 2 years ago and had sketched him playing his guitar and singing. As he was speaking to Sidney and I, I wondered whether to mention this little recollection. I eventually did. He lit up as he remembered the sketch first, and then me. After I had sketched him then, I had happened across him again in 2013 and told him that I had sketched him. He gave me his contact info and I sent him the sketch, whilst he sent me his music. I quite liked one of his songs— it’s still on my iPod. His name is Tom Sutcliff, and back then he had told me that, “I go busking (street performing) because I need to make some money! But I sing because I love to and its the only way I feel I can express anything and for far too many reasons to write on a page.” We spoke a little, and I wished him well. In my mind, he’s still a stranger, but I somehow feel like I know him… it’s weird. I asked him to take the picture of Sidney and I, and he was happy to do so. Maybe I’ll cross paths with various other people from the past as time goes on. His music:


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