Dissertation Submitted!

10366306_10154214490420487_1298909786777141472_nLast Friday I submitted my dissertation. (Yay!) I thanked ya’ll, my Facebook friends et al., in ze Acknowledgements section and I thank you again now for the encouragement, kind words and assistance. ^_^ The following is what I wrote in the Acknowledgements; please forgive me if I forgot to mention you by name (feel free to point out my omission via a private message and hopefully you’ll forgive me after getting a virtual hug ^^):
When I began this dissertation I thought to myself “Kalifa, how yuh really goin’ to pull dat off?” Needless to say, I have completed the task, despite my initial worry. However, any attempt to take sole responsibility for this achievement would be an egregious insult to God and the many individuals who believed in me and encouraged, advised and otherwise assisted me. I therefore dedicate this acknowledgement to everyone who has been there for me.

I firstly want to thank John (Prof. Rust) who has been very supportive of me as a young academic, artist and all-rounded person. His feedback on my work, belief in me, and quirky retelling of stories fuelled me to work hard– with a smile and laugh. I’d also like to thank David (Dr. Good), who was always willing to sit with me, give me advice and encouragement, and
share some of the most thought provoking philosophical metaphors about life and psychology.

I am also immensely grateful to David (Dr. Stillwell) for his friendship and encouragement, as well as his constructive (and entertaining >_<) critique and proof reading, of my dissertation. I’d also like to especially thank Bartosz (Kielczewski) for being awesome, kind, and helping me with using the Facebook API to collect data. Very special mention must also be made of Aiden, Sandra, Tanja, Josip, Keven, Kamila, Michal and all the members of the Psychometrics Centre whose friendship during my time at Cambridge is invaluable. I’d also like to specially thank Avah, Corinne, Lorendra, Sameer, Chris (Dr. Meir), Dr. Chadee, Mr. and Mrs. Parks, Rita D., Rachel McD., Diane FM., Dr. Alan B., Michael M. and my Facebook friends whose kindness, concern and support helped sustain me throughout this journey.

Lastly, and in no way the least, I’d like to thank God and my family: mummy (Sharlyne Fox-Damani), daddy (Micah Damani), my siblings (Ashaki, Okera, Jo shua and Rachel), and grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunties for loving and supporting me through it all. ^_^

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