Letters from the Sky


Puck’s deviousness has managed to ruffle a bit more than the hair on my head. He’s gotten into my mind and has done quite a thorough job of messing things up there as well. It’s said that the only power something or someone has over your emotions is the power that you accord that thing or person; as it happens, I probably have allowed some of my mind’s power to slip, and consequently, my feet have slipped as well. 

When I’m in situations like these…situations where I feel like I’m at risk of losing, or have lost a bit of control over the world that I’ve built up in my mind, I begin to wonder whether I’m allowing myself to fall, or whether the ground beneath my feet is shaking. Maybe it’s a combination of both. When the world around you seems to be changing, how much of yourself changes with it, and how much of it is potentially being changed by you?

…it would be interesting to know the answers, but it’s likely that such things can’t be quantified. Familiarity is like a sharp photograph- beautiful, clear, comprehendible, definite, but possibly boring. Change is often like an abstruse blur: both repulsive and attractive because of the mystery it holds. 

Puck’s deviousness has managed to ruffle a bit more than the powder on my face. He’s gotten a hold of my smile as well, and has done quite a thorough job of shifting it both up and down….but I’m not mad. I’m standing at the beginning of a new year, in a decreasingly strange place with increasingly familiar people and a stable flow of challenges. Assignments that don’t kill you can make you stronger if you allow them to. 

“One of these days the sky’s gonna break,
And everything will escape and I’ll know.” –Civil Twilight

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