This took me a while to get used to.


It is a bit strange to be in a small group, sitting around a table, with at least two Doctors there…sometimes three. It’s even stranger when you’re in class and you’re sitting right next to one of those doctors and they’re participating in the class in almost the same way that you are. 

In this particular pictured class we’re all assigned a reading each week. This reading is then discussed for two hours, around a table…by everyone. The format is typically that we introduce ourselves and a volunteer then begins the class with a review of the reading. Everyone then talks about words that they didn’t understand, and exchange definitions. After this, the conversation basically jumps to different issues addressed by the reading; and at some point in time, the guy with the glasses (Doctor numero uno) talks about some people who are relevant to the topic of the reading and shows us their books.
It can be quite intimidating at times, but it’s actually kinda fun and very interesting.

Now, this isn’t how all classes are; to be honest, this isn’t how most classes are. I just chose to talk about this one because it’s the weirdest format I’ve ever experienced a university class in. Still though, all of my non-training classes are small, and the lecturers don’t stand at a platform or podium but instead sit around the same table that the students do.

It’s a bit to get used to when you’ve been through several years of teachers standing or sitting at a separate table at the front of the class…but I don’t mind.

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