Some things fill you with both joy and sadness at the same time.


Men walking with, holding hands with, pushing prams with, rowing punts with, lifting, smiling, laughing, interacting with -little children. I presume that they’re fathers (unless there is some sort of very popular male caregiver service in the UK)… responsible fathers. It’s a beautiful sight to behold.

It’s a sight that I haven’t had the privilege of seeing to such a great extent before. And this is not to say that many fathers in the Caribbean aren’t actively involved in the lives of their children. Many of them are. Daddy has always been there for me. But, and it’s a painful ‘But’, too many Trini fathers are delinquent, too many Trini fathers aren’t invested in the lives of their children, too many Trini fathers leave the burden of raising their children to the mothers…
…and when you consider the horrible historic reasons that have contributed to such a strong culture of paternal irresponsibility, it makes the comparison of the UK and the Caribbean a bit depressing.

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