Pen Sketches


This is the book that I take with me almost everywhere. I think that I might soon have to find a way to password protect it because it’s beginning to transform into a diary of sorts…(if only I could load an app onto it). I write notes from lectures in it, random observances, jottings, and sketches…especially when I’m bored or it would be awkward to snap people and things that catch my eyes.
These particular sketches were done because my hands were kinda bored at a talk, and I didn’t really need to watch the speaker…my ears handled the majority of the sensory input concerning what the speaker delivered.

I only really started pen-sketching in it last week though. 
I went to a talk by a really ‘big’ person in the university. The room was filled with many distinguished looking people with white hair, and some younger ones too with brown hair. There were few people who looked like typical students. 
My friend (still feels kinda weird using that word with some people I’ve just recently met-although I really really want to use it and think that I should) Yup, my friend and I got lost on the way there. The entire route we walked would probably count as a half-marathon. We ended up reaching about half an hour late and the guy at the door told us in an undeniably stern voice ‘You’re late!!…try to find a seat quickly!!’

When you’re late for a talk by the Vice-Chancellor…
Get boofed up (scolded) as you enter the room…
A room which happens to be largely populated by older people…
Who look like a sort of stereotypical ‘Elite Professor Collective-version U.K’… 
With white hair, in dress clothes, coats hung on a rack in the corridor outside…

…and ‘baby-academic’ you have to find a seat in the second row to the front of the theatre, where everyone will have an unobstructed view of your tardiness and ‘rude’ late arrival, it gets you to thinking “I need to find a better way of documenting this than holding up a camera and snapping a picture!”

So I pulled out my book, and I sketched. 
…and that was the beginning of that.

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