I went to a restaurant


I went to a restaurant(chinese) for the first time since coming here. Previously I’ve been too afraid to ever set foot in one because of highpriceophobia. It actually wasn’t too bad, although it’s something which I wouldn’t do everyday (unless I legally happened upon a tonne of money).
I was actually planning to head home when the offer to find something to eat came up….and I’m glad that I chose to go out and not head home. It was fun; and I really enjoyed spending the time with others from my lab. I really can’t remember what I ordered (I probably should have written it down), but it was a type of porridge (not what we’re used to in Trinidad and Tobago which often involves milk). I think that this porridge would be called soup in T&T…it tasted ‘soupy’ to me, but it I’ve leant that ‘soup’ and ‘porridge’ are different. Porridge involves rice that has been boiled to the point that it’s almost completely disintegrated…soup is everything else.
Kinda glad that I chose the porridge though… I don’t know how I would have managed eating an entire dish with chopsticks, especially considering that I dropped the first thing that I tried to pick up.
P.S.- I quite dislike the bottom picture of me…wish I had smiled properly…but it’s the only one I have 


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